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      Technical Indicators

      Included in Core and Stage products, these customizable, hand-picked technical indicators are used by 90% of traders and are the foundation of our price, volume, volatility and momentum analytics:

      • Accumulation/ Distribution
      • On Balance Volume
      • 3 Moving Averages
      • Bollinger Bands and Bandwidth
      • True Range and ATR
      • MACD
      • RSI
      • Full Stochastics

      Stage adds others like %B, ATR/ Price, Pivot Points and Price Ratios. Refer to StockCharts Technical Indicators to learn about these indicators and their calculations.

      Historical source data includes:

      • Date (253 data points maximum)
      • Open, High, Low and Closing Price for each period
      • Last Price for current period
      • Volume


      Trading education sites we like:

      • OptionAlpha for options trading strategy and tools
      • tastytrade for entertaining market news and trading content

      We'll often help on spreadsheet questions, but try Exceljet.


      Do other companies do what you do? Our approach to building accessible trading analytics is unique, but check out these sites:

      • MarketInOut for backtesting and screeners
      • FINVIZ for news, events, screeners and groups
      • MarketXLS for Excel-based productivity software (subscription model, lots of data and technical indicator options, analytics and events not highlighted in demo)
      • Invest Excel for one-off technical analysis Excel sheets
      • CBOE Live Vol Excel for live option data in Excel (subscription model)

      Trading groups and ideas:

      Trading Journals

      Journaling should be an integral part of your process. Start now with a spreadsheet and a Google Doc; record trade details and take quick notes on your thought process and exit strategy for each fill.

      These resources are on our list to try: