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Volume Tell in SPY

We published Data Signaling Pause for TWTR fourteen trading days ago. The stock maintained a negative bias until Friday's higher-volume breakout. Leading the move, TWTR produced statistical signs of accumulation as it pulled into and held the Bollinger middle band. Could Friday's 10-period "Z Close" score of 2.06 be the confirming buy signal for higher prices?

Let's move on and assess the broader market (SPY). Can we get a read amidst trade and rate fears, threatening volatility and bearish chart formations?

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Data Signaling Pause for TWTR

Analytics is as much about texture, and getting a sense of probabilities, as it is about clear triggers and automation. The Stage Analytics Comp tab is dense with information.

A quick summary: TWTR closed Friday below Thursday's pivot point. RSI and Stochastics remain overbought. TWTR recently resumed outperformance in a sector that's been crushing the SPY…

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