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Shifting the edge to retail.


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The Setup

Still flipping through charts for inspiration? Missing signals that would have saved precious capital? Chasing moves because you were "working" on other tickers? Nobody's perfect, but those challenges can be flipped to edges.

Our products, boosting productivity and consistency, help independent traders gain ground on Wall Street quants.

Core introduces data curation and popular price, volume, volatility and momentum indicators. Stage adds technical, relative and statistical sorts to generate, note and track trade ideas like a professional team.

Based on these builds, we are adding technical competencies (i.e. Python with data science modules, SQL, AWS, etc.) to develop even better trading prostheses.




Louisville, KY USA

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Why Us?


Free data and familiar tech. Minimizing capital and computing requirements, our platform can be run by most traders.


Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Evaluate and change any design or formula. No trust required.


Flexible and standardized. Adjust settings. Customize analytics. Collaborate with like-minded traders.


Jay Beckner

Builder & Trader

With two decades of trading and analytics experience, Jay is behind all things Risk-On Analytics.

His career began in brokerage sales, with a Series 7 score deemed “too high to succeed.” His recent experience involves developing data solutions in corporate and startup environments, including large-scale enterprise products. An avid quantified selfer, Jay has measured and analyzed his activity in sports from golf to skeleton to improve performance. Find Jay on Twitter @JayBeckner and LinkedIn.

On building Risk-On Analytics: "I spent the last couple years pushing the limits of Google Sheets and Excel, building price, volume, volatility and momentum analytics for personal use. My biggest challenges were data accessibility, latency and quality plus prohibitive import steps. When I discovered quality free historical and current price data, and created fast workflows, I rebuilt everything from the ground up for Risk-On Analytics. Since I’ve realized huge (trading) process gains from these spreadsheet builds, I’m studying technical data science to add faster data intervals, deeper algorithms and automated trade management."